Brew City Blues

by Patrick O'Donnell and Michael Anderle

Michael Collins made it through field training and a close call with IAD. Now he’s on probation.

Assigned to the graveyard shift in the most dangerous part of town, Officer Collins finds himself under scrutiny from a new sergeant who is threatening to have him fired.

If that isn’t bad enough, his new shift is filled with jeopardy.

Coming under fire from bad guys is an expected part of the job, but no one said anything about being stabbed in the back by his fellow officers.

There is hope for Officer Collins. He is building strong friendships with the more trustworthy cops on his tight-knit shift, and there is help from the kind sergeants who make the job bearable.

Collins’ mettle will be tested when the shift respond to a triple homicide, diffuse a tense hostage situation, and hunt down a killer.

The late shift get all the interesting cases, complete with car chases.

Off-duty, the ghosts of the past must be faced.

The prospect of new romance becomes a reality if Michael can let go of what haunts him while fending off his overprotective mother.

Between a flirty neighbor, internet dating, and a promising connection with a nurse who showed him compassion in a time of need, the time of being alone could be over for him.

Note: This book contains profanities and situations not for the faint of heart. There is also dark, or what some call ‘gallows humor’ that police officers, and most other first responders use to deal with the ugliness that is thrown their way on a regular basis. This book is as realistic as it gets. Unless you are riding around in a squad car, now that’s real.

Published: December 30, 2022
Publisher: Marlowe and Vane