Brew City Blues

By Patrick O'Donnell and Michael Anderle

Officer Michael Collins has proven himself to be a valuable member of the district five late shift team and has finally been accepted by his colleagues.

He earned their respect with the quick thinking that saved a shooting victim’s life. However, just when he thought everything was running smoothly, Collins finds all aspects of his life veering wildly off course.

The specter of internal affairs is looming once again, and Collins is forced to defend himself against criminal allegations that could get him fired and sent to prison.

As if the threat of prison wasn't enough complication, Collins is presented with a moral dilemma that no law enforcement officer ever wants to confront.

Add in the sudden and shocking death of one of their own and serious changes in his personal life, and Collins finds himself at the center of a perfect storm that threatens his happiness and career.

While trying to avoid being dragged into his partner’s personal business, the chance encounter with a ghost from his past throws Collins’ plans into jeopardy.

As his relationship is reaching the critical point where he and his girlfriend are considering spending the rest of their lives together, he is presented with a choice that has the potential to derail their future.

Can Collins stay the course long enough to weather the storm? Or will he be left clutching straws when his life falls apart?

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Note: This book contains profanities and situations not for the faint of heart. There is also dark, or what some call ‘gallows humor’ that police officers, and most other first responders use to deal with the ugliness that is thrown their way on a regular basis. This book is as realistic as it gets. Unless you are riding around in a squad car, now that’s real.

Published: August 4, 2023
Publisher: Marlowe and Vane