Brew City Blues

Patrick O'Donnell and Michael Anderle

Officer Michael Collins passed probation and is now an official member of district five late shift.

But not everyone in this unbreakable group of cops is welcoming him with open arms.

Collins is still a rookie in the eyes of many of his peers. He is constantly trying to prove himself worthy. He is, however, gaining allies, including two new officers he bonded with and a few sergeants who have his back.

A new partner who is going through her own struggles and the ghost of a previous fling give Collins has a renewed optimism about his job and his shift.

That optimism could be misplaced…

Collins almost doesn’t survive his first New Year’s Eve on late shift in the most violent part of town.

The rookie cop comes within a few feet of becoming the victim of a blue-on-blue shooting and is pushed to breaking point during a hostage situation involving a small child held at gunpoint.

Off-duty, Collins’ love life is heating up with the nurse he has fallen for.

Their future is looking rosy until a mistimed gesture of affection that is misunderstood threatens to derail their newfound relationship.

Between the ghosts of his past, the nonstop pressure of his job, and the start—or maybe sudden end—of his love life, will Collins have what it takes to achieve balance and stay the course?

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Note: This book contains profanities and situations not for the faint of heart. There is also dark, or what some call ‘gallows humor’ that police officers, and most other first responders use to deal with the ugliness that is thrown their way on a regular basis. This book is as realistic as it gets. Unless you are riding around in a squad car, now that’s real.

Published: February 9, 2023
Publisher: Marlowe and Vane